Blog 7 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year – it is the 1st day of the new year and 2019 looks like a great deal of change for me.  However, as this is my blog on Beer I shall bore you not with matters that do not pertain to this here subject matter.

So, where are we and what are the New Year plans?

Well we completed the first all grain brew, the dry stout.  I’m pretty pleased with the after math I must say; not that the taste is anything really to write home about though I am led to believe the taste will improve – fingers crossed.  However I do have my tonsils and at first try post a 5 minute forced carbonation event it definitely tastes like stout.  It is as expected young on the pallet but it does not appear to have any off flavours (note: due to my current lack of experience I am basing this statement purely on the fact that it actually tastes like commercial bought beer and not from a dodgy kit I might have forced down 20 years ago from Boots!)

I placed the beer into the Corny Keg on Friday 28th then gently placed her at 12C (conditioning temperature as recommended from the “Bible”) at a serving pressure of about 14 psi; I intend to lower this a little once the total keg is carbonated to 14 psi but I will have a little play about with this over the coming few weeks.  I think the keg process went ok; I sterilised and sanitised thoroughly – I was keen not to draw air into the keg from the syphon and I burped the keg several times as to ensure a total purge of O2 was effected.  Now it sits and waits for the conditioning to do its thing and then I guess I have to consume it.

Prior to the keg process I cold crashed it for 2 days, on this front I was really happy that my fridge pulled the measured temperature of the beer down to around 2.5C which means I am good for doing a lager at some future point.  Prior to that I ramped the fridge temp from 18C to 22C for a couple of days to allow the yeast to clean up.

My beer fermented out to an FG of 1.016 (1.014 once temperature adjusted) from a starting OG of 1.043 – In this I was disappointed not to have it go a little further especially as I had missed my OG by 6 points.  Alas, my beer will sit at an ABV of approximately 3.8% – I was aiming for 4% minimum but I will take that.

It’s fair to say that the extra time I spent boiling to increase the SG did take a toll on the bittering hops.  There is a distinct over bitterness at the end of the sample taste which may die down a little post conditioning – I am hoping some of the malt taste comes forwards to balance it out, who knows.  It’s not the worst beer I have tasted, indeed I have paid for commercial beer and had worse but to my pallet it will render out as average, which for a first attempt (with process problems) I will certainly take.

I’ve thrown in a few pictures for good measure.  Have a look.  Until next time

(Sorry they aren’t the best of pictures)



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