Blog 4 – The Electrics and Clean down

There really aren’t enough hours in the day are they.  I really had hoped that I would get my first Brew on and have it ready for Christmas Day; alas this is now not going to happen – still. I would rather wait and do it properly than run headlong into it and fuck it all up and lose interest I suppose – so I guess I will get pissed New Years then instead 🙂

Ladies and Gentle folk, I present to you my system.  Behold …

She’s a 50 Litre SS pot from Brew Builder.  I opted for a Brew in a Bag (BIAB) system to kick off with – slightly less efficient I believe but on the size of the batches I aim to begin producing its not like the odd bit of grain will unduly add to the expense of the brew.  She’s wasn’t cheap but she is solid and insulated like she is here, she holds Mash temperature wonderfully and that’s even before I insulate the bottom.

Of course, you can’t run a brewery without proper electric (actually you can, you can have a gas one – but mine isn’t) – so realising that my one double socket plug in the garage would not be enough – it was time to call in the sparkies and get juiced up.  I couldn’t be more happy with the firm I used and I will certainly go back when I need to add bits and pieces – but for now I have a full 8 way 50 amp beast waiting to be tapped into.

So, we have the new garage door for more space, we have the garage split with the “Wall”, we even have the Brew Stand built and ready for use.  The kit has been assembled for wet test number 1, then dis-assembled for insulating to be re-assembled for a 2nd wet test.  All that is ready now is for the kit to be cleaned and the garage space sorted and made ready for brew day.

… news just in.


Looks like we are nearly ready … excited – not fucking much am I !!!!!!!! 🙂

Stewart (aka Drunk Delilah Brewery)


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