Blog 3 – The Brew Stand

OK, this wood work lark is getting easy – somehow this brilliant and genius brain of mine has trained my once useless limbs into a sort of co-ordinated effort and with more than a modicum of success.  Don’t believe me, see below and behold the wonderous site of beauty.

I know, I can barely believe it myself.  Not only did I design it myself, I went out to the local “Hardware” store (yes I have one and it isn’t a B&Q or other large offering), located, procured and brought home some Chipboard and all the hardware required to make the build.  OK, when I say hardware I am of course referring to screws – but I did also buy carriage bolts, which although are not yet fitted are bought and ready to go on.  Oh, and I bought the drill bits to make the proper holes for said carriage bolts.  There, that makes the whole statement much more grand… 😉

Next I need to insulate the brew pot, wet test the system for the second time and somehow create some useable space so I can clean the kit and brew.  Coming soon, I promise.

Stewart (aka Drunk Delilah Brewery)


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