Blog 23 – Getting ready to brew !!!

These certainly are unprecedented times; I don’t just mean all the silly idiotic shite that’s occurring outside of the front door, but just in general.  The biggest thing to hit me in the last 6 months isn’t even this bloody virus – it was far worse…being left without proper internet access for nearly a week !

I have just come back from 4 nights away in a caravan (referred from a lodge we had booked to go to just before this pandemic kicked in).  We had decided not to take the refund on offer but to delay it and still go away.  Fast forward a few months and on Monday of this week [21st September 2020], we landed in a park called Oakdene based in Ringwood near Bournemouth.  Everything was good, though if I am honest found the accommodation a little snug for my enormous frame but then I find everywhere (and everything) snug :-).  We chose here as it was dog friendly and we can’t go anywhere without Delilah (or would want to really).  Didn’t do much, sat and relaxed – a bit like we do at home really with me choosing not to work at present and my better half currently on furlough, anyway I digress.  Now, I assume that as we had a pooch with us we (along with other pooch owners) where placed in the corner of the site – which is located in part of a forest; makes perfect sense.  Check in was virtual and you collected your key from a keylock situated outside of your van with the pass key emailed to you on the day of arrival.  Flawless….  Get in, settle down – have a beer, open a beer – connect to inter-clacker….or so I thought.  Bloody thing……..

I am not one for no internet – I need the internet, it is most certainly a part of who and what I am.  Everything I do I do online – it’s just simply who I am so deal with it – now couple this with very low to zero mobile coverage and you see the hell I am in…oh and the van didn’t even have a smart TV.

Anyway, we are back and I am online and catching up with all 700+ channels to which I am subscribed – my little window into my brain fodder trough.  I love it, always will and will hope to some day join it.

So, what has been occurring…well – there are and will always be things to do to the brewery but the major ones are nearly all there.  Could I have gone faster – yes, could I have done better – almost certainly but as I said at the beginning – this whole journey for me was learning how to do things.  I will not finish this a master craftsman but if I can at least approach a DIY task without the usual fear and trepidation = winner.

So, the wall and cabinets are all but 1 coat of paint away from being complete and the more I look at it, the more I am comfortable with the outcome.  Have a butchers below – not too shabby me thinks…

The Great Tap Wall !!!

Now I have taken liberties with this photograph and photoshop.  I have blanked out the double socket switch (which will be hidden behind the TV Screen I intend to hang) and I have removed the current holes in the “Tap Wall” – which themselves will be covered by my new splash back.

The exciting thing about my splash back is that apart from the fact it will house no less than 8, yes 8 taps – it is being laser cut from 304 Stainless Steel and then powder coated in a “Burnt Orange” colour to tie the colour scheme into my Brewery logo.  Incidentally, the worktop in this picture is also going to get some extra treatment.  I will either paint it and then varnish it – or I will apply a paint finish to match or contrast the back splash / or Peg Board (which is a Hammerite style finish [dappled metal look]).

To add further depth to the Tap Wall, I am also considering adding a panel design, painted the same colour black to further enhance the “Night Club” feel that I am after.  Whereas the brewery will have very bright LED white light in which to work – for the drinking bit – I aim to accent the area with RGB coloured LED’s – make it look all Warehouse Loft – spot light type vibe.  I think it will look pretty good.  Who knows; but the great thing of doing for yourself is that as long as you are happy – that’s all that matters I suppose.  Cheers !!!

Just as a reminder – in case you have all forgotten (I do tend to leave large gaps before updating – busy doing nothing you know).  The 3 cupboard pictured here are designed to house 3 individual under counter fridges.  Each will be equipped with an Inkbird and a heat tube – this will allow me to ferment 3 beers at a time (or indeed condition / lager) under full temperature control.  My “Keezers” are the other side of the wall in what I affectionately (but privately) call the Cellar and openly (certainly when in earshot of my misses) refer to it as the Garage part.  I wasn’t allowed the full Garage as a brewery so please….shhhhhh.

I intend on updating these at some future point but that will come later and will not stop me from brewing in the meantime.

Any how – just a quick update for now.

Additional News

I have added two new pages to the site.  These are found under the Resource Page – The pages will hopefully list what I have in my brewing fermenters and planned calendar and perhaps more importantly – what I currently have on Tap.  Check them out.

Until next time!

Stew (aka Drunk Delilah Brewery)

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