Blog 22 – There is progress … slow but progress !!!

“My Little Brewtools Heaven”

Building the Great Tap Wall

Well we are finally making some progress – what I would call decent progress anyways.  For those still following and that haven’t yet fallen into a coma waiting for the progress updates; my little brewery is split into two parts (well, technically 3 but the 3rd is in the Garage part I lovingly call the cellar).  The above is my brewing sector – this is where I no doubt perform most of my cock-ups or as I also like to put it – “learnings !!!”  The opposite side is where I will do all my drinking of beer.  The ultimate dream is to have my own home pub situated in the garden but until then I will need to make do with my very own tap wall.  This beast will house 8 taps and will sport (at some point) a hand pull “Corny Cask” pump to feed my Real Ale thirst.

Since the last update, I have readied the brewing part – sorted out a load of junk from the “must keep” and begun the build of my bar top on the Tap Wall.  Now, this isn’t just any old ordinary tap wall, oh no – I am placing not 1, not 2 but 3 fermentation chambers against it – all plumbed in with Heat Tubes and STC-1000’s.  This is not an easy task for me as a Carpenter I ain’t.  Below is where I have gotten to so far…

“Fermentation Chambers 1, 2 and 3 or as I will named them FV1, FV2 and FV3”

Next steps are to prepare and fit the doors, break everything down, sand then prime and then paint.  I am going black for the entire wall and cabinets with the inclusion of fake panelling on the wall which I will tie into the door that I also need to fit – imagine a continuous wall look (no door) if you will.  In the picture above the worktop has scaffold planks on it and I did plan to use them; however with further consideration (and of course considering my skill level) I switched to MDF and decided that was easier to cut, prep and paint.  I have all the wood, brackets, primer and paint so aim to work on this as soon as I have completed fitting the doors with inlet furniture.  Incidentally – in order to help me with this I watched a YouTube video recently on instruction and bought a couple of 3D Printed parts to help me out with said furniture.  See pics below.

“These allow for the placement of inlet hinges and receivers without all the guess work – at least that is the plan !!!”

I have something special planned for the tap wall itself reference the splash back – I will keep it under my hat at the moment; suffice to say it wasn’t cheap and will take 3 weeks to get here !!!  I really want to make the Tap Wall a key feature of the Brewery: my main purpose of brewing (besides the enjoyment of making the beer) is to share the beer.  What better time can be had than to invite around a bunch of folk and feed them (hopefully) top quality beer and good chat.  That’s the plan anyway.

That is it for now – I will continue working and report back with increased frequency.  

Until Next Time !


Stew (aka Drunk Delilah Brewery)

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  1. Looking good very neat set up. Where did you get the SS tables from? I’d like a brewtools set up but I’d need to figure a way to incorporate a hoist or maybe a floor based lift system.

    • Hi pal,

      I bought the SS tables online (well the taller ones); I was lucky to buy the smaller one from work which was a bespoke table. In terms of a hoist, yes – I have an electric one just above the table which will come in handy on big brew days !!! I bought it cheap from LIDL.

    • Thanks – mistakes a plenty but fixing them as I go along, all in the learning I guess. Getting there slowly (very slowly)… 🙂

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