Blog 21 – Get a F*cking Move on Prince !!! (Part Deux)

Part Deux

Hi fellow Brewers.  Have a guess how much of the outstanding list from Part One that I have completed..? Yep, next to fuck all; I am completely useless – arghhh.

Well that’s not strictly true – I have made some progress albeit with much help from the outside.  I shall list where I am now in my list to perfection and when, hopefully I can expect to commence my brewing empire.

  • Brewery electrics are complete for the sockets – just lights to go but that will hinder me not on brewing.  TICK !
  • Tiny Rebel Kit is now in the Keg and is carbonated.  Verdict is that it tastes quite close but I fear my 4-5 week lagering in the fermentation chamber may have overly fermented the wort and resulted in a higher ABV but much dryer and bitter beer.  Not unpleasant – but when compared to the original (research of course) – the kit version had lost the fruity malty backbone.  Still there is about 20 pints to devour and devour I shall.  TICK !

In addition to the above, I have also managed to perform the following.

  • Install the Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water System.  Give this a test and it is reading 0 TDS on exit so it looks like I will have very neutral/empty of “stuff” water – allowing me to build whatever profile I desire.  Now I had this already, but was buying it from the local Aquarium – not I produce my own.  I shall run off 35 litres tomorrow for my next eagerly awaited pending brew.  TICK !
  • I have also ordered some more Wood.  Yes old “cack” hand is once again attempting to build some more stuff out of wood.  This time I am looking to build some basic cabinets for my fermentation chambers (fridges to you and me).  It will also form part of my TAP Wall which will make a glorified return as soon as I can fill the kegs.  TICK ! 
  • I have continued to move stuff about gradually sorting as I go – I will get to a decent permanent work space very soon.  TICK !!!! (sort of).
  • I also have 2 more Kegs – cause, I need them obviously with all this brewing I am doing….or not.  FAIL ! 🙂
I might have previously mentioned that I have grain for several batches of my BIAB set up, which I will do prior to launching my Brew Tools machine (affectionately known to me as Delilah 1, you never know there could be more at some future point).  I hope to clean and perform her first pacification run soon.  I do have 2 SMASH kits I can do; I might double them up for her maiden voyage – check me out !!!!!!!!
I have left work now – redundant actually, nothing to do with the current issues around COVID-19, more BREXIT if you ask me but of course the official line is that it isn’t – but hey ho there you go.  Not sad to leave the place of work but obviously will miss the workforce that made the place what it was; which for me personally wasn’t always fun but it never pays to dwell on such things.  Good news is that I can afford to take some time off before I start in the rat race again; I appreciate that not everyone is so lucky.
See some pics; they are messy – it is a work in progress but it is coming along now I have decided to get off my arse in the mornings.

I seem to be on a roll.  I hope to keep things going and even maybe appear on the old BrewTube – who knows.  I have said that before though !!!

Until Next Time !


Stew (aka Drunk Delilah Brewery)

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  1. Looking good. I’m very interested in this system looks the business . I currently run a three vessel kit to brew upto 50 litres but fancy the B80pro. Did you get the starter kit with extra valves and sight glass etc?

    • Yes Mate – I spent a small fortune; can you believe that I haven’t even turned the system on yet !!! Getting there slowly. It does look and feel pure quality. I bought it for double brews – fellow brewers tell me that is smooth brewing on this baby once you iron out the little nuances around process (mainly for efficiencies) – the company is very responsive and are always innovating. Thanks for leaving a messeage.

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