Blog 20 – I’m back already, meet the new member of the team !!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Delilah One – here in all her Majesty the Brewtools B80 Pro.  I shall give you a short moment to drink her in (pun not pardoned !!!). 

The Lady in her Box

OK, I jest of course – no one wants to see her fully clothed – so let me tease you with a little lingerie (note soft focus – wink, wink) 🙂

"See anything you like Sailor"

I present to you (for real) – DELILAH ONE

"DELILAH ONE" - Brew Tools B80 Pro

The B80 Pro is the professional all in one Brewing System from Brew Tools and she is a marvellous piece of engineering.  They come in 3 flavours, the B40, the B80 and the B150 – 40 litres, 80 litres and 150 litres respectively.  So, give or take a few litres – I can now brew just under 1/2 Beer Barrel (UK) per brew – so just short of 1 Beer Barrel per day – which is just under 300 pints – magic !

I will do a dedicated post to her (Delilah One) in all her glory, including her Steam Condenser Pipe – which means I can do away with pesky extractor fans and the like, well at least for this system anyway.  I am not abandoning my 40 Litre BIAB system just yet – I still have at least 6 brews left on her (had the grain pre-crushed prior to purchase of new system) and in fairness there is nothing wrong with that system.  The 32 amp dedicated switch gives me options – I have a dedicated lead to my 4.5 Kw BIAB system, or I switch it out for twin 16 amp breakers to fuel my new toy which has 2 elements at 3 Kw each – yes, 6 Kw total power !!!

I Have the Power !!!

I shall leave it there for now.  Hope to be back soon with a weeks worth of Blogs.  If you are out there and reading, then thank you – leave a comment and let me know !!!

Until next time.


(aka – Drunk Delilah Brewery)

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  1. Stewart, I hope to be moving to my new house later in the year. I am having a bespoke brewing space built in the garden. Ian deciding whether goi 3o 3 vessel large SS equipment or B80.What are your thought on the B80?

    • Ian, firstly – thanks for the comment. I am rather embarassed to state that I have had the beast for 3 weeks now and have not yet used her. I am busy building (slowly) – my brewery and added the B80 after much tracking of other users. There is no doubting the quality of the unit – it is simply stunning and dwarfs my 50L pot. It’s solid, professional and I can’t wait to get going on her (Delilah One – affectionately now named). Plan the electrics in advance, she will need twin 16 amp sockets – so a dedicated 32 amp with a splitter like mine seems the way to go. It would be such a shame to use this machine on anything other than full power. I don’t think you would be disappointed in this system; the Brew Tools company are very responsive and they are very innovative, building it seems their own scaleable eco-system. Having spoken to those that have them, all said to me do it – I therefore pass this on !!! Maybe I will post a video soon.

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