Blog 21 – Get a F*cking Move on Prince !!!

Part One

Two Part Blog Entry – sort of a self motivator.  I need to get my arse moving in the brewery.  To be fair I have all that I need to get brewing, my procrastination around more wiring and lighting is a self imposed distraction; I have a light in the brewery and 32 amps of Power – there can be no further excuses.  By the close of this here Saturday 16th May 2020 – I need to have completed the following list.

  • Clean Corny Keg – a right good and thorough clean, including posts and poppets etc.
  • Keg my Extract Kit (Tiny Rebel – CWTCH).
  • Build mounting bracket for Beer Engine.
  • Set up my Beer Machine – Good hot rinse  and santisation cycle.
  • Connect Beer – 8 psi and at between +12C and +14C Cask “Stylee”.
  • Drink a few pints and marvel at said beer or self criticise the “shitness” (technical beer word) of it all, but drink anyway.

That’s all I am targeting.  I do have some stretch goals today on top of this list.  These are also as follows.

  • Fix and place all double switch sockets in the brewery.
  • Measure and cut all the conduit for said sockets.
  • Run the thread on the conduit pieces.
  • Add couplers to the conduit and add bushes top and bottom.
  • Fix conduit to the walls.

And Super Stretch Goal.

  • Run the 2.5mm2 cable to the sockets.
  • Wire cable to the sockets.
So far today I have got up; had full cooked breakfast – sat an watched more YouTube for inspiration, had idea to use Beer Engine whilst writing my to do list.  Then took to Brew Tube Facebook Group to garner thoughts as to whether the Cask Style idea was a good one.  Watched more videos, had shower (and stuff), had lunch and now write this blog entry.

I shall be back shortly for (I hope) with an exhaustive list above…unlikely, but I have the intent.

Later good brewing people.

Until Next Time !

Stew (aka Drunk Delilah Brewery)

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