Blog 2 – The Wall

Well, its up … which incidentally isn’t the first time I have uttered those words in surprise 🙂  I can tell you that for someone like me – this was no mean feat; in fact it was a mammoth feat – one which if I am being completely honest believed would go massively tits up leaving me at the very least in casualty missing several fingers.  Alas, no – it went relatively well, too well in fact – and given the fact that I was also (partly – meaning there were two of us) painting the study within the same time period meant I had several (alright two) projects on the go at the same time.  I promised balls deep didn’t I !!!!

Now for those needing a catch up – the brewery is going into the garage; I have negotiated two thirds of the space for said brewery space but I needed to separate it up with a partition wall.  Fast forward a week or so after the materials arrived and I began slowly, but comfortably with the build.

The eagle eyed amongst you may spot a garage door in situ.  I replaced the “up and over” door with an electric roller door to allow more space in the non-brewery real-estate side of the garage.  The lads done a cracking job and I am more than happy with it.  Next came what I like to refer to as the “verticals”.


Now, for those of you that have bought new build houses in the past, will know that add-ons such as the garage tend not to be brilliant and mine is no different really.  When being shown around the property the fella (nice chap, can’t remember his name) did make a point of telling me that the joists probably wouldn’t hold much more than just the roof.  With that in mind I decided that as I wanted to create some storage space above the wall I thought if I lined up the “verticals” with the joists directly above and tied them in, I would gain a lot more strength to the joists by adding lots more vertical support.  Clever ain’t I 🙂

The Wall took me two attempts to complete (well I did have several projects on the go at once) and all that is left is to hang the door and clad the frame.  I am going for plywood, chipboard or OSB – not yet decided.  I did however introduce myself to power tools – not just a standard old drill, but a circular saw – and I didn’t lose any fingers.

It isn’t perfect, but for now I will take it…


Stewart (aka Drunk Delilah Brewery)



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