Blog 19 – Where the F*ck have I been?

Well…it’s like this.

I have been very busy accruing more gear, deciding on what to update, replace and outdate – been dealing with redundancy plans, COVID-19 and the likes…  and during all this, I haven’t brewed a single drop.  Shocking.

However, it is now 27th April 2020 – the world is admittedly still mad and after this weeks holiday I have just 3 more working weeks before I leave my current role so I had jolly well catch myself back up.

As I say, I have all of this week off and I do not intend to get side tracked, but before I update this blog with plans (not even sure anyone but me reads them); I shall document where I am in terms of gear.

On a previous blog I did note of an upgrade I (had) made to my then new controller – I wanted it to take a larger element and so then followed the further procurement of bits and bobs to make this possible including a dedicated 32 amp switch.  This is now all done – I have tested it and it indeed works splendidly, though I didn’t actually make anything with it.  Nope, I got to the starting position of “the leak test”, which it passed and then no further.   I have also since added a beer engine so I can drink cask type beers at home out of my dedicated keg along with which I purchased the necessary spunding valve – to again, not yet take it out of the box – all the time telling myself “it’s there for when you need it Stew.”  I have a total of 4 fermentation fridges all with heat tubes and STC-1000 controllers to attach and wire, I have a Tap Wall with capacity for 8 taps to update (and most certainly strip down and clean).  I then have the small job of wiring the sockets around the brewery and then of course the lights.

The Spunding Valves

I have made some progress, I mean it isn’t all bad news.  One of the jobs I really needed to complete was the sealing of the dreaded brick dust in the brewery.  If you weren’t aware then you must know that my beloved brewery is situated within my Garage; not all of it mind, no I wasn’t allowed that – I have a 4m x 3m space within a 6m x 3m space so not too bad.  The “fucking dust”, as it was lovingly referred to covered everything – most importantly my (new) Stainless Steel tables – yes 3 of them no less – they do look smart and perhaps more importantly they look the part.  This is important as though of course they are not necessary, to us “lesser brewers” they do make you feel more brewer like – we know what we mean !!! 

I will show you a little picture below – see, shiny; though they didn’t stay this way for long.

The Shiny(ing)

This isn’t all that I have added to my treasure chest – oh no; I have also procured an electric hoist, a Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water system, a TDS meter, a bunch of chrome plated copper (to connect all the watery stuff together), a Grain Father Sparge Kettle (tea urn) and last but not least … wait for it … YES – a brand new massive brewing system !!!!!

Yes, I haven’t actually used the older one since it’s updating and yes even then I have only performed 9 brews (that made it to drink) – but I am serious about this brewing malarkey…to which I hear folk cry – “Well fecking brew some beer then….!”.  Point taken – let me press on 🙂

Until the next time (which will be soon, I really, really promise).



(aka Drunk Delilah Brewery)

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