Blog 17 – “Where have you been”

Well, it’s like this you see – I have been quietly emptying my supplies and getting ready for a step up in both production and quality control whilst at the same time updating the brewery.  I don’t really have any excuse other than I have nothing or no one to blame but myself.  Still, I am well into a second week off work and I have finally made some progress.

I previously posted pictures of my controller.  This controller was procured with a thought to help me maintain a circulated mash temperature – it would also allow me to boil my wort without leaving my element burning open for 60 to 90 minutes at a time.  At the point of purchase I was running on extension leads into the Brewery (garage) and this was limiting me to 13 amps and a 2.4Kw element (which took an age to reach temps).  If you follow my previous posts you will know that I have already run electrics into the Brewery just haven’t had any rings wired in yet.  This got me thinking.  Could I upgrade my yet unused controller to accept a bigger element? (hence speeding up transit temperature times) – I was also considering any future move towards a 3 pot system or an all in one which would most certainly require more beef than 13amps as I would only make this move for 80L+ system.  So, after a discussion with my electrician work mate I decided the best foot forwards would be to wire in a 32amp kill switch, up rate my controller to accept a 32amp plug and increase my element to a whopping 4.5Kw on my 50L kettle.  Sounds simple.  It was, for me at least – said electrician inspected the controller inside and out, wired me in the upgrades and installed the kill switch.  I have POWER (mmmwwwwuuuuaaahhhhh :-).  On top of this I needed to procure a few kettle pot upgrades, mainly a cutter to increase the size of the hole for the element (as I was going 2″ tri clamp connected to a compression fitting), said tri clamp fitting and ULWD kettle element.  Have a look below.

In addition, I have also procured all that I need to complete all the other electrics in the Brewery, which I will post updates on as and when I get to it.

In terms of beer – everything as kicked apart from the Kolsch and the Weizenbock.  Both of these are sadly making the drain as they have issues.  I believe the Kolsch had residual steriliser on it and the off flavours produced a hot plastic smell and the Weizenbock picked up a scorched taste from the element, hence the drive to improve the kit.  You live and learn I guess, onwards and upwards – they won’t be the last that spoil I guess…

Oh, I also bought another fridge (fermentation vessel) – that’s 3 in total with 1 being a double – so 4 brews at a time is possible now.  That should get me to speed over the next few weeks ready for Christmas.

I do need to finish my Keezer also.  I need to properly fix the collar, insulate the inside, fit the STC1000, fan and sort the secondary regulators and pipes out.  I have all the parts, just need to get on with it.  Still I am off for another 5 days so I should make good progress.

Anyway – I shall keep all the progress posted for those that wish to follow, or if not I guess I have an online diary for reflection if it’s just me.


Until next time.


Stewart (aka Drunk Delilah Brewery)

PS – Brewery Logo has turned up

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