Blog 15 – The New Logo (Brand Identity)

Hello folks, me again.

So it is nearly the end of May – we’re still in Europe and the world is seemingly growing mad by the day; at least we have beer.  Now, on my last blog I mentioned I had started negotiations on a logo for my little home brewery – well, you saw the effort – it was very poor so I managed to re-secure my funds from the little blighters and sought a proper service.  I am glad to say that I am most happy with the results.

This time around the whole process was decidedly more pleasant and completely stress free – drop me a line if you would like the contact and I shall be happy to oblige.  For those wondering, this logo (which started life as an actual sketch) cost about £100 all in (and with that you get the original vector files and etc.).

So what next – well today I should be brewing the Summer Ale from the “Bible”; however I do need to do some jobs in the Brewery.  Mainly produce the collar for my Keezer so that I can chill down the beer inside it.  I have already wired up a temporary extension lead for the Inkbird to control the temperature.  As we are heading for warmer times I am not yet bothering to include a heat tube, I shouldn’t require one for a good 4 months or so I reckon.

I really should be further on that I am with this brewery, alas being large, fat and out of shape, I am rather at the will of my back when it comes to DIY.  Once the collar is on the Keezer – this should move things along a bit as I will now have a dedicated space to place 5 Kegs with space alongside it for a tall fridge to fit a further potential 4 more kegs.  Hooray !!!

I am currently waiting for some parts to come in, mainly tubing, a stout nozzle for one of my Intertaps and some other bits and pieces.  I have plumbed for some silicone tubing for my CO2 gas line for two reasons – the first is that it is eminently more pliable so easier to work with and organise without overly stressing the John Guest connections which will force a leak – no one wants a leak after all.  And the second reason being that it looks really cool !!!!  I was also playing about with the idea that I might use different colour tubing to represent different PSI ratings.  I can run more than one type as I have 2 secondary regulators in addition to a 5 way manifold.  I plan to run the main Gas line at 40 PSI – into the first (secondary) regulator, which will feed up to 5 kegs via the manifold under a dropped value of 14 PSI.  The bypass will then feed 40 PSI into the second (secondary) regulator which can then feed a higher (or lower) PSI style.  Then the bypass feed here can then carry the 40 PSI into the “Force Carbonation” Keg.  Sounds simple and I think it will work.  I will post some pictures / video of when it is complete.

In addition to the “Summer Ale”,  I have planned for the first time a brew not from the “Bible”.  It is a Ruby Ale clone from Hob Goblin.  I am assured that it is an excellent rendition, so I took the plunge to give it a go.  I have adjusted the recipe to account for my efficiencies in process and I am using RO water with adjustments to hit the style.  Again, a shout out to Shaun Pycroft from the Brew Tube community for advising on this – said it many times, the Brew Tubers are always a great resource with some very, very experienced people there willing to share their collective vast knowledge – this time it was Shaun, thanks dude.  Being the renegade that I am, I have also ordered the grain for a 3rd beer which is for an Oatmeal Stout – from the “Bible” of course but I am adding some Mangrove Jacks Cherry Natural Flavour boost.  I have very much enjoyed both of my Stout’s made (and drank) thus far – so I think I will have one on tap constantly. I do like Oatmeal Stout and I thought that a Cherry one might be a little different to what I am used to.  I’m certainly keen to give it a whirl.

These 3 beers will bring my Tap wall to 5 kegged beers – I have 6 kegs so I am looking to keep brewing to keep the wall full.  Part of the reason for making the beer was it provided a good reason/excuse for a social gathering though truth be told I enjoy the research, reading, making and improving process of it all probably more.  My keg wall is actually measured to take 8 taps; which may prove a tad ambitious but hey ho !!!

Oh, forgot to mention that I have added a page to the website – It is a Hall of Fame page.  I thought that once each beer has become ready – I would present a poured pint in all it’s glory, this way I can include another hobby of mine digital photography.  Please forgive the mobile snapshots currently on show, as I said this is just a trial and decided after the beers were consumed.  I think it will add something extra to the site – check the link out here =>   LINK

Right –  I need to sort out my brewery – Later people.


UPDATE – Same day so no need for an additional entry.

So, the collar is nearly done – it is in situ. and I have turned her on for 10C, so far so good though I can insulate the lid better (which I will do).  She seems to engage with the cooler about as frequent as my Fermentation Chambers do so I guess I’m not stressing the compressors too much – it will help no doubt when I add more insulation.  I haven’t gone for pretty – I don’t need my Keezer as a piece of furniture – she is just there to keep the beer at temp; all the “pretty” will hopefully be in the design of my tap wall.  Have a look at some pictures of today’s efforts.


Until next time dudes !!!


Stewart (aka Drunk Delilah Brewery)

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