Blog 14 – Batch Number 6

Evening all; how the fuck are we?  Good?

Brew 6 – American Wheat Beer.  Here I switched from Grain Basket back to a Nylon bag, only this time I used the proper clips to keep it secured to the perimeter of the kettle.  I also (for the second time) used RO water.  Strange thing here is that the pH of said water was acidic at 5.8, re-calibrated my meter but still read this figure (was looking for about a 7).  Jumped on to Brew Tube channel and the usual heroes were there to reassure me.  I say heroes because to me that is what they are.  Really experienced brewers that have an answer to literally all scenarios and are quick to respond to my regular “panic” attacks.  Advice was to press on with the Mash – which I did and hit 5.38 pH so was happy and continued.  I will take my pH meter with me next time to test the water at source.  Again as with Brew 5, number 6 went really well.  Was very calm, had a nice breeze running through the brewery, even watching my beloved LFC finish 2nd in the league didn’t upset me (too much); this brewing malarkey is getting comfortable.  Then as with every other brew – BOLLOCK dropped.  So calm and pleased was I that everything had hit where I wanted it to, I had made my 5.5% ABV target (as long as US05 behaved itself) – clean up was going great and I was looking to finish in time to enjoy beer and a sit down.  All I had to do was pitch the yeast, which I did – at nearly 30C – BASTARD !!! Again, straight back on to Brew Tube for some advice …. advice afforded, followed and hopefully rescued.  I will nail brew 7 without issue …. well I aim too … 7 is lucky right 🙂

Also had quite a boozy drink of my own beer this weekend (11th and 12th) – abstained from shop bought beer and instead tried to see if my own beer gets you drunk.  It does !!!  Well, it sent me to sleep, which is the same thing these days as I’m getting on in years (47 this year don’t you know). I managed to kick 2 of my 3 kegs though to be honest the damage was done there the previous week when I had “tasters” come around.  That means I have 5 kegs to fill so I will keep on brewing to fill them, 6 when I see off the last of the stout.

Few pics of the brew…

Had some great ideas about my Tap wall also.  I think I am going Copper.  A work colleague was away this past weekend celebrating her birthday and happened upon a Tap House type pub and sent me the following – you might recognise it, it is in Guildford somewhere; anyway it looks cool and I will try and emulate.  Look… (thanks Cheryl 🙂 )

Also, other exciting news – I am working on a Logo for my Brewery.  Found a great deal online and managed to talk them down to £15 – though to be fair the first attempts are absolutely abysmal.  Still, having sharing my disappointment with them (and for those that know me, understand what that means) – they have seemingly seen the error of their ways and have another attempt coming in 72 hours or I will enforce a refund.  I attached the images here for you to laugh at.

I shall keep the company nameless for now.  Then I will shame them to within an inch of their designer lives !!!  I might lost £15 but these buggers will lose more when I have finished and taken to Social Media.  The pen is mightier than the sword, the keyboard even more so – and my chubby sausage fingers know no mercy.  They have until Friday 17th – I will post the outcome, what ever it is….  I know some folk may read this and say “what do you expect for £15” to which I will retort. I expect the designers to deliver on the brief as promised, the price is irrelevant.  Now don’t get me wrong I am not expecting a million and one revisions, but I do expect the brief to be met.  Those I have included here are plain awful – I mean the first logo is a fucking PUG, not even an English Bulldog, the second didn’t meet the brief of being a happy bulldog, the third is actually my own artwork submitted as and idea – seemingly now being sold back to me for £15 !!!!  The last one, well it’s awful.

Any how – I will brew my 7th brew this weekend which is the Summer Ale from the Bible, which I am getting ready for the Summer (go figure) – this brew is scaled against my mash efficiency and to hit a little higher ABV of around 5% – looking forward to it.  I will also keg the Pedigree clone this weekend as it will have had 10 days in fermenter and a couple of days crash chilling.  The 7th ale will take me to 3 brews heading for the Keg over the next few weeks.   I hope to carry on and fill another 3 kegs over the next 5 -6 weeks.  I may even procure a further 3 kegs to have them in rotation.  I might even do a double brew day – though I only have enough space in my fermentation vessels for 3 brews at a time…we will see…

I shall leave it there.  Tomorrow night I shall return to my Wall and continue work there on it.  Filling holes of the counter sunk screws and getting it ready for the Copper piece.  I have enough space to drill 8 taps, which is my dream – will look excellent and can’t wait.  Off now to flip through my “Bible” for more recipes !!!!!  Ta ra for a bit….

Until next time, all the best and keep brewing.


Stewart (aka Drunk Delilah Brewery).



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