Blog 13 – Unlucky for some !!!

In my usual form this post is several weeks later than planned.  Perhaps blogging weekly was indeed a tad over optimistic; still – let’s press on.

So, a few things have occurred since I last put pen to paper (or rather character to screen) – some of it progress, some of it not… The wall is up and clad (well half is but that is not big news), what is news is that my wall has taps coming out of it – 3 in fact, so yes the wall suckles beer.  Is there a more wondrous sight to behold than a wall that has (in my case) 3 wondrous nipples on which to guzzle.  Nope, I can’t think of anything – pretty sure that’s a metaphor but can’t think of what….and would it even be better???  Any-how – not to labour the point (or brag) but I have included a little video for your perusal.  Go on treat yourself…

Other exciting news is that I am now in possession of 6 Corny Kegs – yep, 200 imperial pints worth of pub quality ale – once they are brewed, fermented, kegged and conditioned of course (this isn’t a simple process you know – it takes skill 🙂 ).  Even more exciting is that I have just this very afternoon (7th May 2019) taken possession of my very first chest freezer / will become kegerator !!!! – I’m actually very proud of her, she isn’t too large, but sits lovely in the Garage part of the “Brewery” (i.e. the other side of the wall) and holds 5 Corny’s – I have enough space to place a place a tall fridge next to her which should hold at least another 4 should I wish, or I could have a smaller fridge I could run some cooler brews through – what I’m saying is, is that I have options baby – that’s a good thing.  Don’t believe me – well take a look.

I have actually brewed another beer.  I finally got around to brewing the Jim Payne memorial brew – a Pedigree clone from Marstons.  I used RO water on this one and is the first brew I have used water treatment on.  Everything went according to plan apart from one small part – fucking leaf hops.  Very long story short – during clean up I realised (too fucking late) that I had in fact blocked my filters up and instead of draining off the usual trube, I drained off 7.5 litres of perfectly good wort.  It had been a long day and I decided I wasn’t going to risk what I did have with trying to save the 7.5 litres.  I will chalk it up to experience and try again.  The Pedigree clone was only my 5th all grain brew – ah well, I have the grains for 2 further brews; an American Wheat Beer and a Summer ale – all from the Bible.  Oh, I have also scaled up the recipes to account for the efficiencies in my brew process (or lack of them 🙂 ) so I should hit the mark on ABV in future – all very good stuff.  I aim to brew at least one brew this coming weekend, maybe both – I’ve a feeling that my 3 kegs are all about to kick – so I could press on and get 6 on tap !!!!

Had a few work mates around Friday to abuse my kegs – feedback was good, though I don’t think the 3 styles I had on were to everyone’s taste – but it’s good to hear that the quality was on par with the professional pub.  I am practically a professional brewer now you know – just look at my brew kit here … not sure why my brewing face is so weird though…

One small anomaly I discovered as a new brewer – I seem to have acquired a large collection of craft brews, which is unusual as I have tried to keep off my own beer whilst it conditioned.  Perhaps if you give them a fridge of their own they multiply – the downside is that ” ‘er-indoors” has now refused to buy anymore until I have a more sensible reduced collection.  I retorted with the usual “it’s all research dear”.  It didn’t cut the mustard.  I’ll leave you with a piccie until next time….

Stewart (aka Drunk Delilah Brewery)

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