Blog 12 – Introducing the Walrus…

Hello – it’s me (again),

Thought I would drop a short video of my failing miserably at the Hapless Ginger 1 Litre Chug Challenge for 2019.  It’s a post to my YouTube channel which consists of just this video at present but as soon as I have my brewery set up a tad better I hope to make posts a regular thing – just like this here blog…what?  Yes I intend to both Blog and Vlog more in future.  I just need to get more into the swing of things.  Anyhooo – have a look.

Couple of apologies before you watch – Firstly, the hair – It needs a shave (along with the beard) and secondly the Walrus noises.  I started to quickly and nearly fucking drown.  My time was a little over 18 seconds – the winner, whom I shall also post (Red Dog Brewer) hit just over 6 seconds – MAN BEAST !!!!

On a positive note I have started to clad my wall !!!!!! – anyway….



Will post finished wall soon.  It’s a long weekend so I should have it finished.

Until then, drink beer !!!!


Stewart (aka Drunk Delilah Brewery)

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