Blog 10 – I’m back (again)

Well it’s seemingly been yet another month; this blogging once per week malarkey isn’t has straight forward as it seems – life literally does get in the way.  Last time we completed the 2nd Dry Stout.  It is now kegged and conditioning happily and I am glad to report that the two main points from the 1st try (metallic taste and over bitterness) are not present. Life is good – next challenge is to make the brew last to the full 4 weeks of conditioning and not run out by week 3 of “testing”… 🙂

Well since this brew I have indeed brewed 2 further brews.  Namely the London Bitter and a Brown Porter.  I am also happy to report that the London Bitter is too already kegged and joined the Stout on its conditioning (just today as it happens) and I have placed the Brown Porter in to cold crash for a few days before I keg this one.  Yes, for those wondering – I am not sure why I cold crashed the Brown Porter really as it is very dark and brown and not sure it will make much difference to the beer.  I guess if it aint broke then don’t piss about with it (or words of similar wisdom).

I have made some tweaks to my process (as you do) and from my first efficiency (Mash) of about 55% ish – (I am never really sure on how to calculate it for definite), I have moved to 65% and the latest of brews to about 72% (I think), anyway I am making better numbers and if Beersmith is anything to go by those recipes are used based on the numbers I hit are telling me this is where I am so I guess I will go with that.  My Marston’s Pedigree clone is the next brew I am doing.  I think this will be the last brew I do where I don’t adjust the recipe to get to the ABV the style requires.  I am not unduly concerned about hitting a 3.5% beer instead of a 4% beer if honest, but I would like to start tuning in my recipes to better match the performance of my brew system.  The next brew (Pedigree) is a memorial brew that the community [brew tube] decided to do in memory of a gentleman by the name of Mr Jim Payne (aka the Old Farts Brewery).  Mr Payne passed recently due to cancer and the brewing folk thought it befitting that he was recognised.  Saturday 16th March 2019 marked the day when a load of brewers made the brew – some sticking to Jim’s recipe.  Personally Jim’s channel was one of the first I latched on to and found his presentation style and conversational type monologue very encouraging to a newbie like myself – I say conversational as I often found myself responding to Jim when watching him on the “tube”.  Like so many now, I will find myself going back to re-watch some of the nuggets he uploaded just to make me smile again.  RIP Jim Payne, I hope you have found a bar of never ending beer (where ever you may be).

I have made some minor changes to the brewery.  I have now fully completed all of the roof space I intended to complete (for this phase) and I have fitted a door skim.  It isn’t the worlds greatest job but I it is and nearly plumb.  Now that I have the head space – it is time I sorted out what is going to be stored and what is needed at ground floor for day to day (or week to week) brewing.  I also need to decide on the final set up on the brewery, whether I am spending cash on tables (stainless) or buying wood and building them – seems strange to type that as I am not a good DIY’er – however I have recently transferred a few projects from Google Sketch-Up to actual physical things so I shall ride my confidence whilst I have it….(but I’d like to go stainless really :-)).

That’s all I got for this blog.  It’s not a long one and I am kind of hoping to get closer to actually starting a YouTube channel.  I just want to do it like the rest of the guys, for a bit of fun and to maybe build up (or contribute to at least) the brewing community.  This really is an unusual community – why, well it’s because it is based mainly around social media but it does not contain the usual idiocy that comes with social media.  There appears to be no amount of daft questions to be asked, I haven’t met a troll as of yet and you generally get almost instant help or shared opinion.  There are worse hobbies I guess.

Catch a look at Jim and his brewing (link below).

Looking forwards to be next part of my brewery build and beer development.  Speak soon.



(aka Drunk Delilah Brewery)

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