Blog 1 – The Beginning

Well I promised a post each Tuesday and it’s Thursday; so great start to my blogging journey, still it may be the first time I am late with it but it certainly wont be the last.

Good news on the brewing front. Most of my gear has turned up and the leak test at the weekend was successful (eventually) so we are ready for the deep clean and then we are ready to brew – exciting. To say that I have over compensated for my growing fear of failure would be an understatement of huge proportions when it comes to gear procured, you simply don’t need the gear I have to start brewing, even all grain – still some how it is reassuring to know that what I have is much more than good enough to produce a top brew – at the same time as being unnerving that I can’t really blame the gear if it goes tits up. My set-up up is a BIAB one (Brew in a Bag for those without the lingo); basically can be either an all grain or extraction brew – just that it employs the use of 1 single pot. My first brew is Oatmeal Stout from the “The Bible”, not the actual Bible you understand but revered much the same (at least in some circles).

It is with full honesty that I can reveal that I have never brewed full grain beer – in fact the last time I brewed anything at all was more than 15 years ago (at least) and that was just a kit – it went well as I remember but it was just a pour and add hot and cold water affair with a single pack pitch of yeast. I had bought a heating belt and I distinctly remember that it was the first and only beer (to that point) that didn’t have the stench and lingering “taste bud” evidence of what was then traditionally recognised as “home brew”. Perhaps it was the temperature management that made it so, perhaps the water profile suited the kit or most likely that it was a fluke – but it reminds me that once I produced what I considered a pub worthy quality ale; which admittedly isn’t saying much for most pubs these days but I would have felt ok paying for that beer. It isn’t much but right now I am clinging to it.

The “gear” isn’t the only thing I have invested in pre-brewery launch; I have contracted an electrician to wire the garage with 50amps worth of juice, bought a new roller garage door which is both insulated and much more secure – followed not long after with a new range of power tools to build a stud wall in said garage to separate the storage part from what will become (in my mind at least) – the worlds greatest brewery. As I started the last paragraph with the words “in full honesty”, I do again here with my DIY skills – they basically mirror my previous brewing experience – I struggle to hang shelf so what possessed to say “fuck it” – let’s order tools and a shit load of wood (plus 250 screws) is beyond me. I mean it just isn’t me, I usually have the idea – I watch countless You Tube videos researching the subject to the point of becoming a knowledge expert – peruse the web for best options on what I need and it stops there – I find the excuse to procrastinate for as long as possible then buy what I need and store it for ever. I know I said I was going to jump in balls deep on this but I don’t actually get my balls out (metaphorically speaking of course) – but this time – boom, not only are they out but they are currently lying on the garage floor (again not literally – just metaphorically speaking – my wood is on the garage floor – literally I mean) – I should stop, its getting weird.

I was wondering on whether I should film my grand erection (stop it!!!), but is it wise to add further stress to the activity and risk demonstrating to the world what a 25 stone angry Frank Spencer would look like? Once I finish typing this entry I am going to draw up some basic plans; followed by measurements this Friday and then perhaps some actual cutting of wood. It’s all very exciting, until at least something goes wrong – not that it should, but I’d best be expecting it, after all failure to plan is a plan for failure as they say. I shall leave you with a picture of my wood – I mean should it all go brilliantly well it could be a very poignant pic; the start of it all. Until next Tuesday, wish me look.

Stewart (aka Drunk Delilah Brewery)

This is NOT the WOOD you are looking for …
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