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Firstly, welcome to my blog.

As you have kindly taken the time to visit I should really be polite and introduce myself; my name is Stewart and I am (or rather we are) Drunk Delilah Brewery.

Now, when I say brewery, what I actually mean is “we are a garage” and in that what I further mean is that “we are part of” said garage.  Think middle-aged balding man (with slightly too many lbs more than ideally wanted) with a brand new hobby and you will just about have it.  However, with a whole lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, one day, maybe one glorious day “we will be” a brewery.  Who am I kidding, I don’t want all that hard work – let’s settle for a fully functioning garage brewery set up!

So, why Drunk Delilah [Brewery] I hear you say – well for those that know me know that I adore my little princess Delilah, my bulldog – so it seems only right that I place her at the head of the company branding, I am after all doing all this for her benefit (cough, cough).  Also Delilah is much better looking than I – though my mushed up fat “fizz-ogg” does bare more than a passing resemblance to said Bulldog and the UK craft beer scene does seem to favour branding of a canine base nature. In all honesty I couldn’t think of anything more clever or motivational and in fairness I did already state that I didn’t want too much hard work.

Another question I hear you say – (to digress slightly and I do that a lot, I hear lots of things in this brain of mine, a brain that I am convinced is either a mad genius or indeed psychotic but I suppose time will tell, anyway back to the question) – how is this blog different to all others; what’s your unique selling point man?  Well to answer that, I follow with – I don’t really have one other than to just be me – and if you stick around long enough to find out, you will learn that I am generally unique enough for anyone!!!

I decided to start this website / blog / vlog (insert appropriate “inter-clacker” term) as a sort of creative release from my “other” life; the same one that most of us have – that of the 9 to 5 malarkey, which is seldom that – 9 to 5 I mean – sadly it’s quite often a malarkey as I am sure is yours.  I think it is fair to say that I am good at certain things – technical stuff, processes, procedures and general management of things – but when it comes to simple doing of practical things (like say shelf hanging) – I seem to lose all sense of co-ordination.  I shit you not, you could not make it up how much sweat I shed, tears I cry and temper I lose whilst trying to attempt what to most are simple basic tasks – like walking.  What I hope to do is apply my skill set to this hobby, to demonstrate how folk like me, natural thinkers as opposed to natural doers can find their way into, along and out the other side of this craft and hopefully be successful. 

Like many amongst us  – I avidly watch the “Tube” of the “You” variety to gain as much knowledge as is possible.  I feel that I know many of the “brewtube” community – even though I have never met any – each night before bed, in that 30 minutes when I get the TV to myself to watch what I want, I drink in as much of the knowledge shared that I can.  In addition I post question upon question to the various Facebook and Twitter groups thirsty for the responses – quenching my knowledge need gap, which eventually leads me to the web to purchase more gear.  It’s been more than 20 years since I brewed a kit, I have never tried to go from grain to glass but fuck it,  I’m going balls deep and I’m doing it as soon as everything turns up at my front door. 

I fully intend to post once per week, Tuesdays I thought – don’t know why specifically Tuesday, thought I might wing it.  For now I will post blog and pictures (I’m good at pictures) – I hope to go to video, little dutch courage first perhaps – which is just as well as I hope to have 40 pints ready in about 6 weeks – wish me luck !!!

That’s all I have for now; drop me a comment, book mark me, subscribe or whatever it is I’m supposed to say.  Until next time, I leave you with a picture of my corporate head.

Stewart (aka Drunk Delilah Brewery)


Delilah Maynard-Prince





  1. Congratulations – as the first official post to my blog, you have won a taster of my first brew – “quality or taste not guaranteed !!!!” – cheers Paul.

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